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Hemi Ticking Sound: Should You Be Worried? (Causes & Fixes)

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Last Updated on: 7th September 2023, 12:46 am

The ticking noise that often emanates from Hemi V8 engines is known as the “Hemi tick” or “Hemi ticking”.

It can be a harmless ticking sound that these engines often make, or it might be an engine defect such a lack of oil, seized lifters, etc.

According to Chrysler, a Hemi tick is natural and Hemi engines may gradually produce a harmless ticking or tapping sound.

Although this is often accurate, some times the hemi ticking sound may indicate other issues.

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Check Sound & Oil Levels

Chrysler asserts that a ticking sound is quite typical, so you may want to be especially vigilant for additional symptoms.

You should check to determine whether the sound’s pitch or kind varies with time, for example, if it is a soft or tranquil ticking or has a metallic quality.

If you hear a ticking sound and your oil is low or of poor quality, it may be something to look into. Check your oil levels.

Causes of Hemi Ticking Noises

The following are some reasons why ticking noises occur that are unrelated to the typical ticking heard on the majority of Hemi engines.

  • Damaged drive pulleys
  • Engine contamination
  • Faulty valve installations
  • Lifter rollers seized
  • Lifters worn out
  • Manifold bolts that are loose
  • Oil of poor quality or insufficient level
  • Valve springs that have broken or dropped
  • Worn-out or faulty spark plugs

The MDS system may be to blame for typical Hemi ticking, or the engine’s architecture itself.

Should You Be Concerned About Hemi Ticking?

A ticking sound coming from your Hemi engine may be perfectly innocuous, but it might also indicate other problems, such as a shortage of oil, seized parts, dropping or cracking valve springs, etc.

Early Hemi engines were notorious for having valve springs that might drop or break. In order to address the problem, Chrysler changed the valve springs in 2007.

It may be wise to have any ticking noises in your Hemi engine that is a 2007 or earlier model thoroughly checked.

Since 2009, Hemi V8s equipped with MDS (Chrysler’s cylinder deactivation technology) have often been seen with the “Hemi tick”.

Although a little ticking noise appears natural, you should get this checked out if it becomes louder and more metallic in character.

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